Sunday, December 21, 2008

Facing Facts

Maybe it's because I'm too damn old to be on Facebook, but for the life of me, I just don't get it. At all. I joined the social network awhile ago, but have not thrown myself into it whole heartedly like some folks (who are undoubtedly 20 years my junior). 

I'll admit that it has been fun reconnecting with old high school friends and acquaintances. But there is something so very odd about asking someone to be my friend and then waiting for an e-mail confirmation to see if I've made the cut. Updating my status and my profile picture just doesn't come naturally to me. Do people really care what I'm doing at any given moment of the day? (Do not answer that question.)

I prefer making friends the old fashioned way; I earn them. Before Facebook, I found comfort in knowing that I would never again have to cross paths with the mean girl from 6th grade. Now I'm just asking for it. What if she finds me and sends a request to be my friend? Do I accept her? Ignore her? Or do I say no? Who am I kidding, she would never want to be my friend. 

From what I can gather, to be a good Facebooker, one must be a bit narcissistic and somewhat of an exhibitionist (kind of like a blogger, but not). Not to mention the fact that I feel like a peeping Tom reading about about my "friends" and viewing their photos. 

You know that I am a huge fan of People Magazine, right? Love the photos of the stars. And yes, I've admitted to quoting People like others quote the bible. Well, I think Facebook is sort of like People Magazine for lay people. Well, no, not really because People Magazine is the cream of the crop. It's more like Us Magazine or maybe even the Inquirer. Yes, that's it...People Magazine is to the stars, as The National Inquirer is to ordinary folk. 

I know a lot of people out there love Facebook, dare I say are addicted to it, but I prefer blogging as my preferred method of electronic connection. I hope I have not offended those of you who love the social network tool. And I had better not read that "so-and-so and Laurie are no longer friends" the next time I log on to Facebook. 


NY Dick said...

nice post cousin... and i tend to agree on the creepy voyeuristic part. however, i do like it for the communication bundle. no longer do i have to worry about email addresses, logging into snapfish or trying to figure out what their kid's names are. it's all there. and i can look or choose not to look at the updates, comments & tags.

and yes, i do reject people i haven't spoke to since 4th grade. not all of em, but some. especially the ones that send updates every time they brush their teeth!!! watch out for the bully from 6th grade!


Karen said...

I love me some Facebook. Love looking at the home page for a quick scan of what my friends are up to and to check out their photos and postings. What's not to love? And as our cousin NY Dick so aptly puts it, the communication bundle. What did we do before FB?

mariner-mike said...

I sorta understand but don't agree 100% - at least in my and my beautiful bride's cases. We love FB's integration. I ditched my blog in favor of FB. But your blog is the absolute best!

I found this recent article interesting ... 40-somethings' relationship to FB:

Keep on bloggin'!