Monday, December 8, 2008

I Blog, Therefore I am

A friend of mine called this morning to ask how my weekend was and wondered if we'd put up our tree. "Um, apparently you haven't been reading my blog?" I snapped, "Because if you had, you would have known that the tree went up last weekend, thank you very much." 

"What is up with you blogging, anyway?" she asked, "And what makes you think that you are so fascinating that people are going to want to read about your experiences?" I know, I know, with friends like that, who needs enemies? But she really is hysterical; I keep her around because she makes me laugh (not because she's supportive and sweet.)

But I totally get where she is coming from and understand that some people don't get the blogging business. For me, it's therapy. My keyboard is the place I go to think, plan and reflect. It often surprises me what comes out when I let my fingers take over. My friend really is a bitch. (Like that sentence, for instance, I have no idea where that just came from? Totally surprised me. Took me off-guard. Wow.) 

Being a blogger is a bit like being an internet exhibitionist, I suppose. But it's good, clean fun. And the e-mails and comments that I receive about my posts inspire me to write more. Hopefully, I am lending a little humor to an otherwise tragic situation. 

Bottom line: I enjoy writing.  And I guess I'm a bit narcissistic because if I didn't care about people reading my posts, I suppose I'd just send myself e-mails or open a Word document and have at it. I guess I'd rather write than watch TV or talk to my "friend" on the phone. (Again, I have no idea where those quotes around the word "friend" came from? My fingers typed them before I could even form a complete thought. I guess I don't really consider her a friend? Truly a surprise. Whoa.) 

There are about 100 million blogs out there and I'm sure that if you asked the writers what inspires them, they would say that it's fun, or they do it to express themselves, or to connect with others, or to give advice or educate. But me? As I told my friend, she hit the nail on the head. I blog because I am fascinating. And then she promptly told me to get over my badself. 


Karen said...

Hilarious. I am guessing this "friend" used to be your landlady? I'd love to see her one of these days...

Mike's Universal said...

You keep blogging, we'll keep reading!