Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol: Kansas City

Is it me or did every person who showed up in Kansas City get a golden ticket to Hollywood? From the girl who sang Simon Cowell's song and messed up the lyrics, to the boy who sang Chris Brown's song and begged for appeared as if the bar was set rather low in David Cook's hometown. 

I'm not sure I can even pick a favorite from these auditions? I suppose that cute girl who referred to herself as KC in KC wins the total package award. But I think the producers were holding their cards close to their chest; the real talent that emerged in Kansas City won't be revealed until we get to Hollywood. 

One thing that was revealed was that Kara likes the word "chops". I heard her use it twice in a span of 10 minutes. Randy gives you props, Karla comments on chops. 

Wait...I just remembered my favorite...Jason Castro's brother! Those Castro boys are the most unpretentious, endearing, adorable contestants ever. I found myself grinning from ear to ear listening to their banter. And when Michael sang for the crew, I had the same dumb smirk on my face that I had when Jason strummed the yukalaylee. They are simply precious and I cannot wait to see more of Castro brother #2. Apparently they have a younger sister. I wonder when she'll discover her singing voice? I think she's 13, so she has another season or two. 

I was somewhat impressed with the big welder guy who sang Ain't No Sunshine. And clearly I was not alone as Kara, Paula and Simon all gave him a yes. But the Dawg wasn't feelin' it and said no. You know what? Randy. Knows. Jackshit. Honestly, he is soooo on my list this season and we are only 4 hours into it. 

How about the girl who lives with her 93 year old grandmother? Loved her. I'm telling you, she is one to watch. She is going to transform into a beauty right before our very eyes. She is going to lose the glasses, drop some lbs and she's going to blossom into a star. And hopefully her grandmother will still be around in March to see it. She needs to keep on popping those pills of hers. 

Didn't get the California Dreamin' guy at all. That was the most overdone, affected performance of my very favorite Mama and Papa's song...ever. I'm not sure the judges and I heard the same performance? But I did like his friend Danny. He reminded me of Robery Downey, Jr. My phone rang when he was crying about losing his wife, so I didn't get to hear the whole story, but I have faith that the Idol producers will play it and replay it and play it again so that by the time Hollywood week is over, I will be able to recite his sob story verbatim. 

And even though Randy is on my list, I will give him his props for my favorite line of the night. It was when he was telling Anoop Doggie Dog that he needed to "hook up the wardrobe." Love that. And I loved Anoop! I heard him say something about UNC which means the Charlotte Observer is going to jump on assured that in tomorrow's paper they will refer to Anoop as "one of our own". It hardly matters that UNC is in Chapel Hill, not Charlotte. That didn't stop them from claiming Kellie Picklier, Chris Daughtry, Bucky Covington and Fantasia as hometown favorites even though none of them hailed directly from Charlotte. 

I wish Lil Rounds, mother of three, the best of luck. She's got a good sob story, as well, what with that tornado touching down in her backyard and all. I thinks she was good, but I'll be honest, I was half listening by the time she took the mini-stage. Hollywood cannot get here fast enough...


popsavant said...

I agree about Jessica (the 93-YO-grandmother girl.) She could sing a bit, and she'll clean up very nicely.

Big Welder Guy may make it through Hollywood, but he's in for an early exit.

Anoop's smart. Dangerous. Watch out for him.

I disagree about Castro. The whole family is apparently a waste. Michael Castro looked like Andy Samberg in drag.

coffee said...

i don't understand why they spent so much time in Kansas City

L. said...

YES! I thought of that last night while I was lying in bed...Michael looks exactly like Andy Samberg! But you see, I love Andy, of course I'm going to love Michael.

I love how the Castro boys are so nonchalant about everything. Simon was right, you do have to wonder if they are really in it to win it. Probably not. But I don't care...they are delicious. I know Michael won't last long...but I"m going to enjoy him for as long as he sticks around.

L. said...

I'm telling you...just wait...when we get to Hollywood you will see that Kansas City was not a waste of time...they uncovered a lot of talent there. Those producers are so darn tricky!

Anonymous said...

I love your Idol comments, but wish you'd comment on the weirdos!

L. said...

Oh man, please don't make me go there. Honestly, the thought of commenting on the wacknuts gives me ogida. They are sooo not worthy. I was hoping that Nigel Lythgoe's departure would put an end to the freak show festivities, but that hasn't happened.

Perhaps I'll pick one audition and focus on the kooks, but I'm not making any promises.

Anonymous said...

Comment on the kooks---- it will be entertaining

L. said...

There will be plenty of kooks in the Top 24...that's when I'll start commenting. You will be bored with it all if I start this early. In fact, I don't think I'll blog for every gets so repetitive. I sound like a broken record. Don't you think?

Who are your favorites right now?