Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Know How You Feel, Jessica

I'm still reeling from the aftershocks of my Charlotte Observer online debut

Last count, there were 88 comments in response to my post. And while I know that all PR is good PR, I certainly do not have 88 new friends. But I have a new found respect for Jessica Simpson. 

Clearly, many readers did not get my sense of humor. That's putting it mildly. But I think others simply have a reading comprehension problem. How about the folks that called me a whiner? I was not whining. At all. Not this time, anyway. I am not above a good whine; hell, I can whine with the best of 'em. But, I can honestly say this particular post was void of whining. 

Lots and lots of bitterness and anger and resentment out there in my fair city. Apparently confronting my stress and anxiety with humor leads some people to believe that I am not going through a difficult time, nor am I trying hard enough. Hmm. But there were some lovely comments, as well, and I enjoyed reading each and every one of them: the good, the bad and the ugly. I told my editor that the picture that appeared with my blog showed that I indeed have wrinkly skin, but what the photo didn't reveal was the thickness of my skin. Nothing I read upset or concerned me (except for the dude who looked up my tax records and found how much my house is worth. Was worth. I wonder if he's interested in making an offer?)

Anyway, if all goes well, I'll be submitting posts for Charlotte Observer's blog, The Squeeze, on a regular basis. Apparently another one of my posts is due to appear tomorrow, Friday, February 13. Friday the 13th? Hmm. I'm anxious to see if I'll be crucified again...

PS: how about Joanna Pacitti getting the Idol boot? Can you say drama?

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