Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Sick of Hollywood

I am so confused. I watched this evening's performance thinking we were starting with 72 contestants and ending with 36, but I swear, only a handful of hopefuls were actually cut. I guess tomorrow night the remaining aspirants go before the judges and plead for their Idol lives. For the love of Pete, can we cut to the chase already?

The Top 36 was actually leaked over a week ago, so if you want to spoil the "fun", you can check out the names here. I have not looked because cheaters never prosper. And you'll be missing out on a whole lotta drama if you sneak a peak now, as the producers still have a good solid hour of torture in store for us. 

How many times do you think Ryan Seacrest said, "The contestants are exhausted, anxious and ready to find out if they made it or not..." I'm going with a good solid 8 times. You think maybe the contestants were exhausted because they were put in a room for hours and forced to sit on the floor? 72 contestants and I think I counted maybe 6 chairs in the "Main Holding Room" and zero in the four break-out rooms.

I would have much rather seen an actual performance rather than all the theatrics, but apparently we will not be privy to a complete song until next week. With that said...here's what I remember: 

Adam Lambert (and don't quote me on any of the names as I have not committed anybody to memory) started us out singing Cher's "Believe". He's good, but the nail polish and the rings and the eyeliner kind of wig me out. He reminds me a bit of Adam Ant. 

The BFFs are still going strong although Jamar's version of "Hey There Delilah" was a bit of a stre-e-e-tch. But Danny's "I Hope You Dance" was spot on. 

One thing I'll say about these Season 8 contestants - they definitely make it their own. Good to know that they have been listening to Randy's lectures. Now if they just steer clear of any Whitney, Mariah, or Beyonce songs, we'll be all set. 

Ok, can we talk about the blind guy or is he strictly off limits on account of political correctness? Cause I am not a fan. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he couldn't see Paula give him a standing ovation and everything to do with the fact that Paula will clap for anybody regardless of whether or not they are deserving. I thought he was tempting fate by singing "I'm Going Home", but apparently I was mistaken. 

Tatiana del Toro? Most. Unlikeable. Contestant. Ever. She is history once America starts voting.

Loved Nathaniel's version of "Disturbia". But I would have preferred seeing it without the shots of the backstage drama woven into his performance.

And the last contestant that I'll comment on his Norman Gentle. Really? Rrrreally? I find him void of any entertainment value whatsoever. You mark my words, he'll be this year's "Vote for the Worst" Poster Child. 

And I will not comment on Paula's necklace. No way. No how. 


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