Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Judges Mansion: Final Judgement

The good news is there were chairs in tonight's holding room, the bad news is that is two hours I'll never get back. 

I think I recognize most of the contestants now that we are down to 36. Most, but certainly not all. And yet, I think I've only heard a handful of them sing more than 3 or 4 notes. I still don't know what's in store for us over the next couple of weeks, but I have faith that someday soon we will get down to the top 12 and then the fun can start. 

So who do I remember?

I was glad to see Anoop Desai get the thumbs up, but not so glad to see Von Smith and all his red blotchiness get the nod. How about him dissin' his parents on national TV? I don't care for him. And apparently his parents don't either. 

The new sing-off feature is cruel and unusual punishment, if you ask me. Must they pit friend against friend? Yes, of course they must...this is the mansion, this is final judgement, this calls for the utmost in drama. 

How about them giving Joanna Pacitti, the cry baby, another chance? The one contestant who has already had multiple contracts and label deals...and they give her another chance. When is she going to finally make it, you ask? Simon says, "when somebody gives her a break." Give me a break, she's had more than enough chances! She needs to pull herself together and stop crying. 

How did I miss the married couple? Surely tonight wasn't the first time the producers revealed that story? I must havefast forwarded through it. But tonight hot, sexy married lady was up against Kristin McNamara in a sing-off. Now, it was one thing when Kara commented on Kristin's clothing behind her back, but when Paula told her that, "The way you dress is off-putting," I almost choked. Paula? Commenting on clothing style? Rrreally?

Scott MacIntyre, the visually impaired fella, made it through. First faux-pas: he gets the golden ticket to Hollywood and Ryan tries to high-five him, but he doesn't connect with Ryan, because, well, he can't see him. Second faux-pas: Kara gives him the good news by saying "We'll see you again!" Necessary?

Danny Gokey is my favorite. And I think he'll be around for quite some time. Unfortunately, he's going to have to make a new best friend because Jamar didn't make it. I never thought he was a great singer (a good friend, yes, a good but I think it was those darn facial piercings that did him in. 

I like that crazy girl, Jackie Tohn, with her scratchy voice and her spunky personality. Maybe she can be Danny's new friend?

Tatiana is this season's token ass clown. And is it me, or has she put on some serious weight since auditioning in Puerto Rico? Wasn't she Miss Puerto Rico at some point? Not at this weight, she wasn't. She needs to get her hands on a Spanx, never mind one of Paula's reach for the stars jewelry pieces. 

Love that they made room for both of the blue collar workers. They are both very polite and very sweet. And don't stand a snowball's chance in hell...


Anonymous said...

Tatiana is definitely packing on the pounds! ...And the "hot married" lady's roots were past stylish and she was dressed for grocery shopping. They had to pick the Cyndi-Lauper-Wannabe. The show is about drama. And that Nathanial guy with the head bands and muffin top will give Tatiana a run for her money as ass clown.

Anonymous said...

Paula was just voted worst dressed at the grammy awards--on Ryan Seacrest's E show!! You can see her dress and Mrs. Frankenstein hair here in case you missed it:

The show must have been taped before her monstrosity of a dress, otherwise she'd get the irony.

Anonymous said...

It's starting to get good! I can't wait to watch the show and read your blog next week...

Barb said...

I see they finally disqualified Joanna!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading your blog