Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scene 1, Take 2

Group Night = Waste 'o Time Night.

I'm not sure who I dislike the most: Katrina the Bikini Babe, Miss Puerto Rico or the very flamboyant Nathaniel? I guess I don't have to waste any negative energy on Bikini Babe as she is history. Rightfully so. And hopefully the other two clowns will follow her lead (albeit without the swagger). They grate like cheese. 

Because of all the drama and ridiculousness, I never really fully engaged in tonight's show. So I'll be honest with you, most of the contestants are a complete blur to me. There are only a few standouts for me and even then, I don't remember their names or very much about them. I love the two guys (friends before Idol) who performed in White Chocolate. One of them looks a lot like Roberty Downey, Jr and the other is the chocolate part of White Chocolate. They are both good, but I am partial towards Robert Downey. I also like the oil rigger fella: big guy, great voice, seems like Joe Normal (which could bite him in the butt). 

As for the ones who didn't make it through....I'll miss Rose Flack. She's the only contestant who made a big enough impression on me to remember her name. I do hope she gives those feet of hers a nice cleaning when she gets home. In fact, it wouldn't kill her to splurge on a pedicure. And I would have liked to have seen the Osmond boy make it to the next round...but I'm not really sure why? I detest his Aunt Marie, but I guess I've always had a little thing for his Uncle Donnie (come on...what girl growing up in the 70's didn't?). 

From what I can gather, the producers are holding their cards close to their vests...we certainly have not met all of the contestants. Oh, wait...I just thought of another guy that I like...the one with the really dark hair who auditioned in, I believe NYC?? The judges liked him, but told him that he was too theatrical. Him. I like him. 

Ok, clearly I need to take notes next time. I promise I'll remember more when we whittle away at the crowd and are left with a manageable lot of contenders. 

Until next week....

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Barry Lindenman said...

agree with you Laurie. i hate this part of the show. it's more drama than competition. i wish they'd get rid of all the drama queens, especially the male ones :)