Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Cat is Out of Lives...

The big news isn't that Matt is going home, but rather that Adam was next in line...hmm. Perhaps his Broadway act is getting a bit old?

Now that Matt is gone, I'm throwing my support behind Kris. (Whatever that means, because no, I do not intend on voting.) I know it doesn't really matter who wins the title because they'll all get recording contracts and they'll have careers, but I don't think it does the show any good to have somebody like Taylor Hicks win the prize. Seriously - who was voting back in season 5?

Loved tonight's Group Sing. It was a classy act and scored very low on the cheese factor scale. I could have done without the food fight, but it's good to see that the Idols are a wild and crazy bunch, huh? And while they managed to make quite a mess, for $6000, I'd be more than happy to clean it up. In fact, I'd hire Natalie Cole to help and insist she eat some of it - man - that lady could use a cake or two.

I agree with Simon when he says that Matt doesn't quite believe in himself, but I'll take Matt's self-doubt over Jamie Foxx's ego any day of the week. He may have "the number one song in America" but that was the worst canned performance I've seen in a loooong time. But have no fear, Jamie blew Jamie away because that cat is a true artist. And just let him tell you about it.

So next week is all about rock 'n roll. Do you think Adam will do an Elvis impersonation? It might be a good theme for Allison...and she has one last chance to make me proud and return to her dark roots. But I only have eyes and ears for Kris and I'm sure he will not disappoint.

It's the next phase, new wave, dance craze,'s still rock and roll to me...

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Anonymous said...

I liked the group sing and I liked Natalie more for the swing than the notes. Sorry Matt is gone but at this point they are all good. Taylor looks like he is trying to channel Delbert. Emily