Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Night

It's been a week; I haven't blogged since Matt was saved. I actually forgot my password (and yes, that does make me feel a bit like Paula.)

But, it's good to be back...let's get this party started.

Ryan is looking mighty dapper this evening in his skinny suit. Randy has shed his sweater in favor of a t-shirt, but that doesn't make me like him any better. The Seven are introduced and Lil is wearing her Donna Summer wig so I immediately think she is going to sing "The Last Dance", but she surprises us with Oprah's old theme song, "I'm Every Woman." She's sporting a cat suit and there's a lot of screaming going on. She may not be singing "The Last Dance", but she may as well be because it certainly is her last dance on this stage.
  • Randy says it sounded wild...Lil looks completely devastated
  • Kara continues to rip Lil's heart out....Lil looks deflated
  • Paula tries to be nice by commenting on the fact that Lil was on vocal rest this week, but it only adds fuel to the fire...Lil looks crushed
  • Simon acknowledges that Lil looks sad. Ya think? But then goes on to deliver the final blow and the kiss of death: no originality
  • Laurie wants Lil to shut up. Shut the f....front door, Lil. Shut it.
Next up, Kris Allen. He's the one singing Donna Summer tonight. Ryan asks why he chose "She Works Hard for the Money" and Kris tells us because it's a story about a woman working hard for her money. Alrighty then, Kris. I love him, but I'm thinking Kris isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. But that's ok, because he can sing and he's original and he's awfully kute.
  • Kara says he took a risk...and it paid off
  • Paula says it has a Santana feel...and by George, I think's she's got it. But then she goes on about Kris shopping in the women's department and it confuses the hell out of Simon
  • Simon says he needs a translator to understand Paula's comments. You're outta luck, Simon: I don't think anybody speaks Paula. And that's a good thing. Simon doesn't need a translator: he thinks it was a fantastic performance
  • Randy tells Kris that he knows who he is
  • Laurie thinks Kris is Adam's only competition...
Danny sings Earth, Wind and Fire's, "September". Love his look tonight.
  • Randy is worried about the song choice, but in the end, he thinks Danny turns it into something that works for him
  • Kara comments on his incredible vocals and his perfect pitch and gives her solid performance stamp of approval
  • Paula loves his range. I think. She says a lot more, but I'm not sure she has a point. Simon's facial expressions are priceless as Paula waxes poetic about Danny
  • Simon can't argue that Danny has a great voice, but thinks he lacks star power
  • Laurie agrees with Simon. I want to like Danny, heck, I want to love Danny....but he's not nearly as original as Kris and Adam. He needs to knock one out of the park, or he's going to be packing his bags NEXT week
Allison is singing another Donna Summer disco hit, "Hot Stuff". And Allison looks hot tonight. I love her stretch pleather outfit and high heels. Now if she'd only do something with that hair.
  • Randy doesn't love the arrangement but thinks she is one of the best singers in the competition
  • Kara isn't a fan of the arrangement, either, but loves the vocals. Blah, blah, blah
  • I have no idea what Paula is saying because I'm focused on Simon's face. He is as confused as I am and is having a hard time containing his laughter
  • Simon thinks it was a brilliant performance
  • Laurie loves the arrangement. Randy and Kara are so freakin' useless. It's a great performance. I think it's one of Allison's best nights
Adam is the man to beat tonight (and every night). He's got the Eddie Munster look going on and he's singing "If I Can't Have You". He wants to connect with it emotionally. I'm not sure if he's connecting with it emotionally, but I'm pretty certain that Paula is...she is quite taken with this performance. Whoa. Paula looks like she's going to cry. Adam looks like he's going to cry. Thankfully his parents are smiling at the end...no tears in sight.
  • Randy thinks he's ready right now
  • Kara thinks he's brilliant (that's Simon's word, but Kara gets to it first)
  • I'm not watching or listening to Paula because Simon is reading my mind and so my eyes are on him...
  • Simon says that Adam has immaculate vocals
  • Laurie thinks Adam is fabulous...but...I'm kind of over that serious face of Adam's. That weird, intense thing he does with his eyes. It's a bit much and rather contrived
Matt is "Stayin' Alive"...hopefully. He starts off and is looking very Justin Timberlake, bringing sexy back and all. He can't beat Adam or Kris or Allison or Danny...but he should beat Lil and Anoop.
  • Randy doesn't love the song choice or the arrangement, but says he can sing. Well I don't love Randy or his comments or his feedback. So there.
  • Kara is glad that he brought Disco back and thinks it's a solid performance
  • Paula says that last week they saved his life and this week he saved his own life
  • Simon disagrees with them...he doesn't like it. He thinks it sounds desperate and unoriginal
  • Laurie doesn't want to agree with Simon, but knows he's right. Still, I don't think he should go home this week
Anoop closes the show with yet another Donna Summer song..."Dim All the Lights". He's sporting some facial hair this week, but still very collegiate. During his performance my husband says, "Hmm, Matt might be safe after all...". I've got my fingers crossed. At the end of the performance my husband adds, "Yup, Matt's safe..."
  • Randy doesn't like the arrangement
  • Kara thinks it's a good song choice and loves it
  • Paula likes his facial stubble, says that real men know how to wear pink and tells him to smile more because he has beautiful teeth...which translates into...it sucked
  • Simon thinks it was mediocre at best. He doesn't like the arrangement and goes on record as saying it was Anoop's worst performance ever. Ouch.
  • Laurie is annoyed that he keeps singing "dim all the lights sweet baby" instead of "sweet darling". What's up with that? I'm not a fan of Anoop's anymore and I think it's time he get back to Chapel Hill and take his finals
Roll the recap tape, Ryan:
  1. Lil is going home...
  2. Kris' arrangement was amazing. And arrangement does matter despite what the judges say. You can't change it up for changing it up sake - you've got to change it up to make it a great song. And Kris does this. Week after week after week.
  3. Danny is playing it safe. Not sure how much longer this is going to work for him...
  4. Allison is hot stuff.
  5. Adam: I'm sorry but what is up with that pained face of his? Man, it bugs me. I don't like Mr. Serious Face.
  6. Matt: I know he's not going to win, but I love him and want him to stick around one more week.
  7. Anoop: Bye Bye....
So what two will be heading home tomorrow night? My money is on Lil and Anoop.

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