Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Almost Have the Top 12

Hmm. I guess we need to get used to seeing the couch as the prop of choice for the Group Sing choreography. I mean no disrespect; Scott seems like a very nice feller, but he is just not American Idol material. Lil Rounds, yes, but Scott MacIntyre, no.

I suppose he's going to need his brother to stick around unless of course he dons a yellow hat and then he can pair up with Curious Jorge. (LOVE that Jorge thinks 78 degrees is freezing. He's a boy after my own heart...)

Tatiana....necessary? Fox must be really hurting for ratings. They had better not put her through, because it will be a waste of a spot as America will not tolerate that woman. Although I'm sure Vote for the Worst is thrilled to have their poster child back.

I don't get the Von Smith nod at all. Simon suggested that he wear a hat tomorrow night, so I'm sure he will. Either that, or lose the Heat Miser hairdo as it does nothing for you, Vonnie.

I was thrilled to see Anoop (who looked stunned) and Matt the dueling piano player get a second chance. Rickey and Jasmine Murray are my other faves. I'll be happy if 3 of those 4 make the Top 12.

I'm just excited that 8 people will sing AND the judges will reveal the three winners in a span of just 1 hour. That must mean one thing: Kara will have to keep her mouth shut. Yes! I'm in....


Lori said...

I love your comments. I read them a couple of years ago before you made it "big" (I'm friends with Meredith). Anyways, I just wanted to say that I like Von's voice. He is just one of those guys that you cant look at while he sings. Try tonight to just listen without looking at him, it might help!!
Thanks for the laughs,
Lori W. from Valley City, Ohio
P.S. I dont like Kara either

Anonymous said...

I think Tatiana is going through. They need the ratings. I was hoping Ryan would slap her as she went on and on. Did she wear that outfit on purpose? I wish they had put Felicia and Ju'Not in the wild group. I think Megan Corkscrew and that kid who is bluesy and in Laurie's words, "the assclown" Tatiana will be the magic 3.

I am not a fan of this new method. I think some good singers went home early.